The Club Tavern & Grill

Club Spotlight

Chandra Rutz

We are pleased to introduce you to Chandra Rutz, originally from Thompson Falls, Montana. Chandra has been in the area for ten years and has been working for the Club Tavern & Grill restaurant for the majority of that time. She likes to spend her free time discussing “wildly interesting topics like economics and politics,” which she also has education background in. You can find her hiking, swimming, or outside by a campfire during her days off.

​Her favorite part of work are her regulars and coworkers, who she noted are some the most amazing people she’s met. *This is a theme among our staff.* Top menu choice: Jameson Tenderloin – 8 oz. of Choice beef, sautéed mushrooms, Jameson sauce, roasted Yukon potatoes, and grilled asparagus. Stop in soon and say hello to Chandra and the rest of our friendly staff!

Happy Hours

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