The Club Tavern & Grill

Club Spotlight

Craig Smeins

Craig hails from Manhattan, Montana and has worked at the Club Tavern & Grill for all of the eleven years he has lived in Bozeman! He has also worked at Applebees as a bartender for many years. Outside of work, Craig has a passion for travel, especially road trips, and has three years of communication studies under his belt.

He appreciates that his regulars and coworkers are like his family. He said that is what he likes most about his job. Craig is a prankster… you can’t ever trust a suspicious phone call for a crazy food order. He is always trying to trick people for a crowd laugh. His top menu choice: The French Dip. Yum.

We are so thankful for the loyal and warm staff that we have at the Club.

Thank you Craig for your years of service and your positive attitude!

Happy Hours

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