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Stephanie Bulluss

This month, we are happy to have as our Club Spotlight, Stephanie Bulluss! Stephanie is our casino attendant who has been with The Club for seven years!

It’s already been an exciting year for Stephanie as she and her husband recently welcomed a baby girl into their family!

Stephanie was born in Connecticut, and moved to Montana when she was 18 months old. Her family moved to Bozeman when she was 3, and other than living in Northern California for four years attending college, Montana has been her home.

While most of her time is spent taking care of their new addition, Stephanie loves taking road trips and exploring new parts of Montana.

Her favorite part about working in The Club is that we are one big family here. She works with a lot of her best friends. Some of the regulars have become a huge part of her life as well. She loves that she can go into the casino on any given day and be surrounded by great co-workers and even better customers.

Thank you Stephanie for being part of our big family at The Club and it is great to have you back!

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