Bayern’s Face Plant Doppel Weizen

Back again this winter by popular demand is Bayern’s Face Plant Doppel Weizen. It is a top-fermented unfiltered Wheat Bock beer. It uses five types of malt (Wheat, Pilsener, Carmel, Munich and Chocolate) and surprises with complex flavors. The ABV is 7.5%, but it is smooth enough to hide it.

Bayern is one of the few breweries in the world making this style of beer due in part to the extra time, energy and labor that goes into it. We are so very lucky to have them in Montana.

If Face Plant isn’t what you are looking for we also have Shake A Day IPA, by Big Sky Brewing and Terroir Local Fresh Hop Ale by Bozeman Brewing for a limited time. Be sure to get in soon to get a pint or two.

For more information about these breweries and their beers click the links below!,,

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